Maryland Courses

The Community College of Baltimore County

Animals and Society: Diverse Perspectives

Betsy Gooden

Frostburg State University


Animals in Human Society

Daniel Moorehead

Students develop an understanding of how sociological perspectives and theories are used to explore the role of non-human animals in society. Students study animal/human interaction in several major social institutions – family, health, politics, economy, religion, and sports, utilizing a service learning approach. Students recognize the variety of situations in which nonhuman animals may enhance and promote human health and well-being. Students explore the nature and forms of abuse/cruelty animals are subjected to through interdisciplinary inquiry spanning sociology, criminology, moral philosophy, and law. Students examine institutionalized forms of abuse in research, zoos, hunting, sport/entertainment and food production. Course introduces students to the growing discourse surrounding “sustainability” and sustainable issues. Students also discuss the afterlife of animals.

Johns Hopkins University

Introduction to Animal Assisted Interventions: History, Methods, Research & Results with optional Practicum

Lynn Molnar

Topics that this course will cover include animal assisted therapy, animal assisted education, animal assisted activities, and animal support, as well as the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support dogs, and working dogs. We will ask about the different methods used in animal-assisted therapy, what the requirements are for humans to participate, and what the requirements are for animals to participate.

University of Maryland

Animal Science

Love me, hate me, use me, save me: Our conflicting views of animals

Sarah Balcom

The goal of this course is to examine the evolution of modern human-animal relationships and consider some of the major social and scientific debates that have arisen in the last century as a result of our rapidly changing and diverse views about animals. Fundamentally, this is a course in anthrozoology, an interdisciplinary field encompassing sociology, anthropology, psychology, economics, philosophy, veterinary medicine, animal sciences, and public policy. As such, this course will address a variety of topics by looking at perspectives from these diverse fields.

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