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Society & Animals Journal

What It Takes to Prosecute Animal Abusers

A study by the University of Albany involving interviews with prosecuting attorneys in New York offers insight into what it takes to prosecute animal abusers. Study Summary: Nineteen prosecutors in 12 New York counties were asked about how they regard and approach...
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Domestic Abuse Affects Animals Too

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Animal cruelty frequently occurs in the same household as other forms of violence, often as a form of punishment or intimidation. Please support our AniCare® counseling program and related efforts to stop this...
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Bonding with Animals

Two studies about attachments to animals, recently published in the Society & Animals journal, offer insight into human-animal relationships that begin in childhood. Study Summaries: A Dutch study of several hundred children aged 4-12 involved a series of...

Canadian Cats and the Problems of Predators

The issue of cats preying on wild birds is an ongoing ecological and policy matter. A recent study done in Canada sought to further quantify the effect that domestic and feral cats have on avian populations. Study Summary: A research paper published in the journal...
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What Motivates Animal Activists?

A Swedish study published in Society & Animals looked at how bodily, emotional and cognitive reactions to animal cruelty affect a person’s initial and ongoing commitment to pro-animal activism. Study Summary Niklas Hansson and Kerstin Jacobsson of the...