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The Cute Factor

Knut was a zoo polar bear born in 2006 in Berlin, a city that long before, had chosen a bear as its emblem. Knut’s story illuminates our troubled and troubling relations with nature. This bear had a rough start. His birth mother Tosca—afflicted, perhaps, by her circus...
African Wildlife - Cecil the lion

Do People Care More About Animals Than People?

Kenneth Shapiro, ASI’s Board President, Margo DeMello, ASI’s Human-Animal Studies Director, and a host of human-animal studies scholars, all were invited to answer the question: “Why does it seem like people (Americans) care more about animals than people?” Click here...

Gay Bradshaw Featured on AnimalTalk

Gay Bradshaw, the author of ASI’s Elephants in Circuses policy paper, was just interviewed by Santa Fe Public Radio ( where the elephant policy paper is discussed. Find it here! Unless otherwise noted, all content on this website is copyright © 2018 The...
Understanding Animal Abuse Cover

Animal Abuse in Context

The newest issue of the Society & Animals journal features an essay by Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D., titled “Addressing Nonhuman Animal Abuse in Context,” in which she reviews Clifton Flynn’s book, Understanding Animal Abuse: A Sociological Analysis...