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We are so excited to announce that the new issue of Society & Animals is out, and it’s a special issue on wildlife!

Volume 36, No. 2, Tracking the Human–Wildlife–Conservation Nexus Across the Human–Animal Studies (HAS), was edited by animal geographers Monica Ogra (Gettysburg College) and Julie Urbanik (the Coordinates Society), and includes the following articles:

Tracking the Human–Wildlife–Conservation Nexus Across the Human–Animal Studies (HAS) Landscape, by Monica Ogra and Julie Urbanik


Lupine Becomings—Tracking and Assembling Romanian Wolves through Multi-Sensory Fieldwork, by Kieran O’Mahony; Andrea Corradini and Andrea Gazzola


Birding, Citizen Science, and Wildlife Conservation in Sociological Perspective, by Elizabeth Cherry


Human-Tiger (Re)Negotiations, by Kalli F. Doubleday


Fogones de Fauna: An Experience of Participatory Monitoring of Wildlife in Rural Uruguay, by Lucía Bergós; Florencia Grattarola; Juan Manuel Barreneche; Daniel Hernández and Solana González


Urban Wildlife Organizations and the Institutional Entanglements of Conservation’s Urban Turn, by Erin Luther


Outlaws or Protected? DNA, Hybrids, and Biopolitics in a Finnish Wolf-Poaching Case, by Taru Peltola and Jari Heikkilä


Bringing Ethics to Wild Lives: Shaping Public Policy for Barred and Northern Spotted Owls, by William S. Lynn

Find it here!

And visit this page to see a summary of all of the articles!

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