The latest issue of ASI’s managed journal Society & Animals is out!

Volume 31, Issue 5-6 explores 14 new thought-provoking articles that describe and analyze our experiences of nonhuman animals, including three Open Access articles for all to enjoy.

Find the full issue here.


Society & Animals publishes studies that specifically deal with subjects such as human-animal interactions in various settings (animal cruelty, the therapeutic uses of animals), the applied uses of animals (research, education, medicine and agriculture), the use of animals in popular culture (e.g. dog-fighting, circus, animal companion, animal research), attitudes toward animals as affected by different socializing agencies and strategies, representations of animals in literature, the history of the domestication of animals, the politics of animal welfare, and the constitution of the animal rights movement. The goal of the journal is to stimulate and support the emerging multi-disciplinary field of animal studies, which consists, broadly, of investigations of the ways in which nonhuman animals figure in our lives. Although emphasizing empirically based studies, the journal also publishes theoretical analyses, literature reviews, methodological contributions, and comments on relevant topics. The editorial board consists of over thirty scholars, professionals (e.g. animal assisted therapists, shelter, zoo, wildlife personnel and etc.), policy makers, and animal advocates.

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