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We are excited to announce the latest publication in ASI’s Human-Animal Studies Book Series, published by Brill, is now available!

Animals and Their People: Connecting East and West in Critical Animal Studies (2018)

Edited by Anna Barcz and Dorota Łagodzka

Animals and Their People: Connecting East and West in Cultural Animal Studies, edited by Anna Barcz and Dorota Łagodzka, provides a zoocentric insight into philosophical, artistic, and literary problems in Western, Anglo-American, and Central-Eastern European context. The contributors go beyond treating humans as the sole object of research and comprehension, and focus primarily on non-human animals. This book results from intellectual exchange between Polish and foreign researchers and highlights cultural perspective as an exciting language of animal representation. Animals and Their People aims to bridge the gap between Anglo-American and Central European human-animal studies.

Table of Contents

Between Philology and Biology: Animal Music and Its Epistemological and Methodological Framework
By: Martin Ullrich

Human and Animal Portraits, or the Issue of Similarity after Darwin
By: Anna Barcz

Animal Art Exhibitions in Poland from the Late 1990s to the Present Day
By: Dorota Łagodzka

Contact Zones—Where Dogs and Humans Meet: Dog-Human Metamorphoses in Contemporary Art
By: Jessica Ullrich

Renaissance Humanists and Their Dogs
By: Piotr Urbański

My Dog and Literary “Translation” Criticism (The Subjectivity of the Dog in Flush by Virginia Woolf and Two Caravans by Marina Lewycka)
By: Oksana Weretiuk

“We Stretch Our Limits and Change Our Lives”: Interspecies Communication in Contemporary American Pet Memoirs
By: Małgorzata Rutkowska

Bodily Encounters with the Animal: the Dog and His/Her Human—Who Are They?
By: Monika Rogowska-Stangret

Thalia Field’s Posthumanist “Ecology of Questions” in Bird Lovers, Backyard
By: Małgorzata Myk

From Species (Co-)Existence to Species (Co-)Evolution: Neo-Darwinian Concepts in the Literary Works of Anna Świrszczyńska and Anna Nasiłowska
By: Anna Filipowicz

Postmodern Breed: the Crisis of Breed as a Master Narrative of the Dog World
By: Justyna Włodarczyk

People Like Animals? The Significance of Animal Threads in the Post-Apocalyptic World in The Last of Us
By: Bartłomiej Szleszyński

Rewilding and Moral Conflicts: Ethics in the Aftermath of Successful Environmental Protection
By: Mateusz Tokarski

Political Nonhuman Animal Voices: Rethinking Language and Politics with Nonhuman Animals
By: Eva Meijer

New Concept of Subjectivity in Schopenhauer’s Philosophy as a Basis of Morality for Human and Nonhuman Animals
By: Amadeusz Just

Animal Language and Human Discourse
By: Krystian Marcin Grądz

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