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We are excited to announce the new special issue of JAAWS (Vol. 21, Suppl 1) has just been released, AND the articles are free to the public!

Zoos and Aquariums as Welfare Centres: Ethical Dimensions and Global Commitment. Selected Papers from the Detroit Zoological Society’s 4th Global Animal Welfare Congress (May 2017)

Whither Zoos? An Inescapable Question
Kenneth Shapiro
Pages: 1-3

Where Are Zoos Going—or Are They Gone?
Carl Safina
Pages: 4-11

My Reflections on Understanding Animal Emotions for Improving the Life of Animals in Zoos
Temple Grandin
Pages: 12-22

Advances in Applied Zoo Animal Welfare Science
Samantha J. Ward, Sally Sherwen & Fay E. Clark
Pages: 23-33

Challenges of Compassionate Conservation
Jenny Gray
Pages: 34-42

A Postzoo Future: Why Welfare Fails Animals in Zoos
Jessica Pierce & Marc Bekoff
Pages: 43-48

Zoo Animal Welfare: The Human Dimension
Justine Cole & David Fraser
Pages: 49-58

What Is the Future for Zoos and Aquariums?
Ron Kagan, Stephanie Allard & Scott Carter
Pages: 59-70

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