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I completed my PhD in Anthrozoology in Spring 2023. My thesis explored cat-human relations and discourses surrounding free-roaming and free-living cats (Felis catus). Ongoing research interests include more-than-human cultures, urban animals, domestication, multispecies families, griefwork, and animals in tourism, with a focus on cats.

I am passionate about the issue of companion animals and rental accommodation (including nursing homes and temporary shelters) and homelessness. 'Pets In Housing' is a key focus of SCAS, a non-profit organisation dedicated to advocacy and research related to the companion animal-human bond, for which I serve as a volunteer communications officer. For the past 3 years I have co-organised an international student conference in Anthrozoology (AIP) and am involved in various outreach projects, including co-hosting The Anthrozoology Podcast (see my personal website).
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University of Exeter
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