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Avatar Name Role Badges Field Country University
ASattlerDVMProfessional Member
Shelter MedicineUnited Statesn/a
Bob ParrinoProfessional Member
CarlaIVProfessional Member
Animal BehaviorUnited Statesn/a
Daniel EarleProfessional Member
Nonprofit ProfessionalUnited StatesAnimals & Society Institute
Dr PattiProfessional Member
Shelter MedicineUnited StatesPueblo Animal Services
ErikaProfessional Member
Bioethics & LawUnited StatesUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
EllieProfessional Member
AttorneyUnited Statesn/a
Liz Hirky, Ph.D.Professional Member
Clinical Health PsychologyUnited StatesYeshiva University

Student and Scholar Members

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Avatar Name Role Badges Field Country University
Allison PowersScholar Member
AnthrozoologyUnited StatesUniversity of New Hampshire
Abel AlvesScholar Member
HistoryUnited StatesBall State University
Adam FixStudent Scholar Member
Environmental StudiesUSAState University of New York College of Environmen
Adam Jacob FloresStudent Scholar Member
SociologyUSAUniversity of Texas at San Antonio
Adriana Pisano BeaumontScholar Member
AnthrozoologyCanadaCanisius College
Alastair HuntScholar Member
EnglishUSAPortland State University
Abigail LevinScholar Member
PhilosophyUnited StatesNiagara University
Alexander HolstStudent Scholar Member
LawNetherlandsMaastricht University
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