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The latest issue of Society & Animals is now available! Check out these great articles:

Are People More Disturbed by Dog or Human Suffering? by Jack Levin, Arnold Arluke and Leslie Irvine.

Towards a Sociology of the Real by José Angel Bergua Amores.

Effects of Reading with Adult Tutor/Therapy Dog Teams on Elementary Students’ Reading Achievement and Attitudes by Edward M. Levinson, Melanee Vogt, William F. Barker, Mary Renck Jalongo and Pat Van Zandt.

Humans and Sharks by Rainer Panoch and Elissa L. Pearson.

Gender and Age Differences in Children’s Perceptions of Self-Companion Animal Interactions Expressed through Drawings by Christine Yvette Tardif-Williams and Sandra Leanne Bosacki.

Revenge of the Herds by Pete Porter.