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ASI’s Human-Animals Studies Program Director, Margo DeMello, was at Minding Animals from January 18-25.She gave two panel presentations, one on animals and higher education (about the ways that faculty can and should bring their advocacy to animals into,their teaching), and one on a panel memorializing philosopher Tom Regan (see below; about the impact that Regan and his work had on human-animal studies). She also serve as a moderator on our colleague Jane Desmond’s invited talk, and on the last day of the conference, she gave an invited talk on her work on Okunoshima (“Rabbit Island”). This conference, which is held every three years, is an incredibly important Venue for HAS scholars to,share their work, find out what is happening in the field, and network with others. We are thrilled that we were able to send Margo to represent ASI at this conference!