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Analysis of Factors Relating to Companion Rabbits Relinquished to Two United Kingdom Rehoming Centers; Clare F. Ellis, Wanda McCormick & Ambrose Tinarwo

Reliability of Fear Assessment in Growing Pigs Exposed to a Novel Object Test in Commercial Conditions; Antoni Dalmau, Eva Mainau & Antonio Velarde

Self-Rehabilitation of a Captive American Crow at Binghamton Zoo; Clara Davie & Anne B. Clark

Assessing Effectiveness of a Nonhuman Animal Welfare Education Program for Primary School Children; Roxanne D. Hawkins, Joanne M. Williams & Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Food Quality in Lusaka National Park: Tracking Mortality in Black Lechwe Antelopes; Kenneth Nyambe, Lackson Chama, Stanford Siachoono & Benjamin Mubemba

Attitudes Toward Bile Extraction From Living Bears: Survey of Citizens and Students in Beijing; Zhao Liu, Zhigang Jiang, Aifang Yang, Bingbing Xu, Hongxia Fang, Zongping Xie, Ning Li, Chunwang Li, Zhibin Meng & Yan Zeng