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Animal Film Reviews

We are pleased to announce a new resource on the ASI website: film reviews by Dr. Pete Porter, Professor and Chair of Theatre and Film at Eastern Washington University.

The first three reviews can be found here:


porterDr. Pete Porter primarily teaches film history and criticism, but he also ventures into screenwriting. Before arriving at EWU in 2004, he earned a PhD from Wayne State University by writing a dissertation arguing that the ancient literary form Menippean satire, a travesty of The Odyssey, the work of Plato, and old comedy, has taken shape in movies from Duck Soup (1934) to The Big Lebowski (1998). You can get a good idea of this work by reading his chapter in Lebowski 101. Dr. Porter’s recent work studies media representations of non-human animals from a cognitive-ethical perspective. He is the Film Review Editor for Society & Animals, an international journal of Human-Animal Studies, a project of ASI. He has published in S&A, The Journal of Moving Image Studies, and the Michigan Academician. Dr. Porter serves as faculty advisor to the EWU Film Society.  He has also served on the board of The Friends of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. In 2015, Porter presented work at The International Water History Conference in Delft, Netherlands, at the EWU Women and Gender Studies Center, at the All Creatures Great and Small Conference at UC-Davis, and at the University Film and Video Association. He also serves as President of Contemporary Arts Alliance, which oversees The Spokane International Film Festival. To contact Dr. Porter directly, please email him at

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