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Human-Animal Studies: Courses in the Netherlands

Courses in the Netherlands Overview


This is a list of colleges and universities in Netherlands that provide courses in Human-Animal studies.  This includes the name of the college, the name of the course, who is teaching the course, and brief description of the animal science course that the instructor will be covering.


University of Amsterdam

Elective in Media Studies: Animal Studies

Maarten Reesink

Gorilla Bokito in Blijdorp and (the late) polar bear Knut in Berlin, penguin Happy Feet in New Zealand and orca Morgan at the Dolfinarium. And: Mickey Mouse and Garfield, Finding Nemo and Avatar, March of the Penguins and BBC series like Earth and Life. Animals have become prominent, not just in media but since recently in media studies (and disciplines like history, philosophy and ethics too). As animals occupy a greater and greater prominence in contemporary audiovisual and popular culture, we are also realizing how strongly our representations of them are culturally coded. Starting from this recognition, since the 1990s the new academic discipline under the name of Animal Studies has developed a theoretically informed perspective from the social sciences and the humanities (cultural studies in particular). The lectures of the course offer an introduction to this new and internationally fast-developing field within the humanities (and the social sciences). Therefore, the course also fits for advanced students from other (like the above-mentioned) disciplines.