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Human-Animal Studies: Courses in Classics

Classics Overview

This is a list of colleges and universities around the world who provide courses for Classics in relation to the human-animal relationship.  This includes the name of the college, the name of the course, who is teaching the course, and brief description of the Classics course that the instructor will be covering.


Northwestern University

From Love-Gifts to Beasts: Animals in Antiquity

Claudia Zatta

Protagonists of myths, endearing pets and love tokens, objects of the hunt, and bridges to the unknown future and the remote gods: animals have played the most versatile and diverse roles in Antiquity. Animals are symbols of heroism for Homer, vehicles of economic stability in Hesiod, creatures of a mythical time for Plato, and political beings akin to humans in Aristotle. This course explores the rich literature about animals in the Greek and Roman world, focusing on the relationship between men and animals and how it developed over time. This course not only addresses how the ancients conceived of the life, identity and function of animals, but it also shows how their notion of the animal ultimately reflected their conception of the human.


Washington and Lee University

The Ancient Animal World

Athena Kirk

This course moves between the classical literary and philosophical heritage and contemporary questions of engagement with animals, exposing students to ancient taxonomies and cultural attitudes while using service learning and site visit exercises to encourage reflections on human interactions with animals.

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