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Human-Animal Studies: Courses in Biology

Biology Overview

This is a list of colleges and universities around the world who provide courses for Biology in relation to the human-animal relationship.  This includes the name of the college, the name of the course, who is teaching the course, and brief description of the Biology course that the instructor will be covering.


Hiram College

Ecological Science:  Origins, Findings, and Ethical Issues

Beginning with a brief history of the philosophical underpinnings of scientific thought and the culture in which it arose, the course will proceed to examine exactly how, from a current scientific perspective, the environment sustains us and how its different components function as a system that has the ability to react dynamically to changes. The course will also compare what the science of ecology tells us as to how some non-western primal societies (Australian Aborigine, Native American) view the natural world and its cycles of growth, death, and renewal. The ways in which the values of western thought and those of primal societies differ vis a vis the natural world, and the consequences of those differences in the past and present will also be examined. Laboratory experience will consist of several directed inquiry studies and field trips to local areas of interest.

Insects and Society

Jennifer Clark


James Madison University

Animal Welfare

Ruth E. Chodrow

An examination of the biological basis of animal welfare. Topics include the evolution of domestic animals, physiological and behavioral measurements of stress, welfare assessment and pain perception. Case studies examine the use of animals for companionship, food, medical research and entertainment.


Warren Wilson College

Animals and Society

Robert Eckstein

Explores a variety of issues regarding the relationship between human and non-human animals. Topics include animals in research and education; philosophies of animal rights and animal use; animals in entertainment, agriculture and wildlife issues; pet ownership; and cross-cultural comparisons. Discussions revolve around ideas introduced through readings, videos, and presentations by guest speakers.

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