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The Cute Factor

Knut was a zoo polar bear born in 2006 in Berlin, a city that long before, had chosen a bear as its emblem. Knut’s story illuminates our troubled and troubling relations with nature. This bear had a rough start. His birth mother Tosca—afflicted, perhaps, by her circus...
African Wildlife - Cecil the lion

Do People Care More About Animals Than People?

Kenneth Shapiro, ASI’s Board President, Margo DeMello, ASI’s Human-Animal Studies Director, and a host of human-animal studies scholars, all were invited to answer the question: “Why does it seem like people (Americans) care more about animals than people?” Click here...
Understanding Animal Abuse Cover

Animal Abuse in Context

The newest issue of the Society & Animals journal features an essay by Mary Lou Randour, Ph.D., titled “Addressing Nonhuman Animal Abuse in Context,” in which she reviews Clifton Flynn’s book, Understanding Animal Abuse: A Sociological Analysis...