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The 2015 ASI-WAS fellowship begins next month!

The fellows will arrive at Wesleyan University on June 1, and from June 1-2, we will be hosting the opening workshop at Albritton 311, where the fellows present their projects for commentary and suggestions, and when we will have two guest speakers: Ralph Acampora, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Hofstra University, and Kristen Stilt, Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Following is the schedule:

Monday, June 1

3:50-4:00. Brief opening statements: Kari Weil

4:00-5:00. Opening Speaker: Kristen Stilt


Tuesday, June 2

8:45-9:00. Brief opening statements: Lori Gruen, Margo DeMello

9-10:00. Morning Speaker: Ralph Acampora

10-11:00. Justyna Włodarczyk, PhD, “Cultural History of Dog Training from the 1870s to the Present through the Frames of Ethics and Biopolitics”

11:00-12:00. Erica Tom, “Power, Race, and Gender in ‘Natural Horsemanship’: Prey-Identified Masculinity and Other Productions of Empathy”

12:00-1:00. Lunch

1:00-2:00. Chloe Diamond-Lenow, “Boundary Affects: Race, Gender, Sex and Species in the ‘War on Terror’”

2:00-3:00. Marianna Szczygielska, “Queer(ing) Naturecultures. The study of Zoo Animals”

3:00-3:15. Break

3:15-4:15. Corey Waters, “To V or Not to V: Narratives, Networks, and Contingencies of Veganism”

4:15-5:15. Laura Perry, “Scapegoats: The Agricultural Logic that Shaped the Suburban Imaginary”

5:15 to 6:15. Jan Dutkiewicz, “Capitalist Pigs: Animal Commodities and the Politics of Value”

Please email me at if you are interested in attending!