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IKI, Y., ITO, T., KUDO, K., NODA, M., KANEHIRA, M., SUETA, T., … & UNNO, M. (2017). Animal ethics and welfare education in wet-lab training can foster residents’ ethical values toward life. Experimental Animals, 17-0026.

Live animals are used in surgical skills training in wet lab, which has undeniable effectiveness for the development of future surgeons. However, where such training is provided, animal welfare is a major consideration. Increasingly, institutions that offer wet-lab training are incorporating animal ethics and welfare-related content into their training courses, but the effectiveness of such animal ethics education has yet to be evaluated quantitatively. We investigated whether the animal ethics content of a training course affected trainees by measuring increase in ethical awareness using visual analog scale questionnaires before and after training. Our results demonstrated a significant and positive increase in awareness of animal ethics (significance level of 5%; 0.0380≤P≤0.0016).

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